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UFC Fight Night 108: Al Iaquinta vs Diego Sanchez preview and betting tips

Good old Diego Sanchez is fighting tonight against Al Iaquinta, who is coming back from a layoff of two years.

Let’s start with Diego Sanchez, who comes from a good victory over Marcin Held at altitute in Mexico where he naturally is good because of his training camp in New Mexico with Greg Jackson. Sanchez isn’t super impressive anywhere technicall, but always comes with good pressure and is a pretty versatile fighter with decent takedowns, good top control and ok boxing. His relies on volume and going forward and has won quite a few questionable decisions with that fighting style as judges apparantly like that he keeps going forward. On top of this, Sanches is extremely durable and can take a shitload of punishment. He was only ever stopped by prime BJ Penn (when BJ was a legit killer) after the doctor’s stopped for the fight and recently was TKO’d by Joe Lauzon in round 1. Now Joe Lauzon is known for his round 1 blitzes and that’s nothing to be ashamed of really.

Al Iaquinta is a pretty good modern MMA fighter who is versatile and cross-trained in all disciplines. Stylewise I think he can be compared a bit to Chris Weidman, who also trains at the the same. He has good wrestling and decent hands with improving boxing. He has knocked out a couple of opponents in his past fights but none of them were really known for having iron chins.

For this match, I think Iaquinta will want to keep it generally standing and outpick Diego Sanchez and maybe mix it up with takedowns a little bit. Sanchez will come forward like a madman and try and grind/wall and stall to a decision. I think however that Iaquinta’s takedown defence and wrestling are too good and his boxing is just too crisp for Sanchez. I don’t think Iaquinta has the power though to put Sanchez away who is extremely though.

I see huge, huge value in Al Iaquinta to win on points @ 2.5 (3/2 in fractional odds) with Betfred and recommend playing that bet 10/10 (which should be equal to ~5% of your betting bankroll). You can sign up with Betfred by clicking here and also profit from their sign up bonus (note: you might need to disable your addblocker for this).

UFC on FOX 24 betting tips: Alexander Volkov vs Roy Nelson

This is a relative close match up in my opinion between two very experienced fighters. Roy Nelson of course is a very well known name having fought in the UFC for years. He is mainly known for being extremely tough to finish and having huge power in his hands. Technically he is not superb and not extremely fast, but his warrior attitude and power (as well as his looks) make him a famous name.

Volkov is the less known fighter in this bout, having spent most of his career in Bellator and the Russian M1 promotion. Volkov is a huge heavyweight (201 cm or 6 feet 7 inches) and uses this in his advantage. He has a 20 cm advantage in height over Nelson and a 20 cm (9 inch) advantage in reach too. I think he will use this huge advantage against Nelson but not having enough power to finish Roy Nelson.

I see huge value in Volkov by decision @ 3.25 with William Hill and recommend playing a big bet (8 units) on it. You can sign up for William Hill by clicking on the banner below (for which you might need to disable your adblocker for this page).

UFC preview and betting tips: Chris Weidman vs Gegard Mousasi

An interesting match up tonight between Gegard Mousasi who is on the way up after his last matches and Chris Weidman who is on the way down after losing the middleweight title (now owned by Michael Bisping) to Luke Rockhold in 2015.

Stylewise, Weidman is a very complete fighter. He is an extremely good wrestler and a very good striker, especially tacticall. We saw this when he knocked out Anderson Silva after watching Silva’s dodges on tape and checking one of Silva’s kicks that won him the second fight between them. Weidman can be seen as a member of the new breed of mixed martial artists who are completely cross trained. His cardio however has been a bit questionable in both the fights against Yoel Romero and Luke Rockhold where he won the first rounds but was stopped later on in both.

Mousasi is more of a specialist. He has an extremely dangerous and skilled striker, having fought in professional kickboxing in Japan and even considered doing olympic boxing for the Netherlands. He is also extremely good on the ground but has one thing that we can consider to be a bit of a weakness: his takedown defence. He has been suspect to takedowns in the past and while he was never really dominated on the ground, some good wrestlers were able to take him there. On top of his skill, Mousasi is very durable and barely ever gets stopped apart from the freak TKO against Uriah Hall.

This fight can go two ways in my opinion. Either Weidman grinds out a decision thanks to his wrestling or Mousasi can get damage going on Weidman and finally stops in late in the match. Therefore I think the following two are the bets to make in this match:

1 unit (1/10) on Mousasi to win in Round 3 @ 15 (14/1) with Betfred
5 units (5/10) on Weidman to win by decision @ 3.25 with Betfred

You can make an account with Betfred by clicking here.

UFC preview and betting tips: Patrick Cote vs Thiago Alves

After a not-so-succesful fight at lightweight, Thiago Alves is back at welterweight now and will fight Canadian tough guy Patrick Cote. Iron-chinned Cote was knocked out by Donald Cerrone in his last fight after impressively knocking out Ben Saunders and Josh Burkman back to back.

Stylewise, Patrick Cote is a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none. He is a complete mixed martial artist who can do everything pretty well but excells nowhere. On top of that, he is extremely durable and can take a lot of damage. He was only ever knocked out by Anderson Silva and Donald Cerrone, who are both known to hit extremely hard.

Thiago Alves is a muay thai specialist with sub-par takedown defence that was often exposed against good wrestlers (Jon Fitch, Rick Story, Georges Saint Pierre). Stylewise, I think this match-up suits Alves very well. I don’t think Cote has the wrestling to take him down and the top control to keep him down. Standing, Thiago Alves should have a big edge on Cote. I expect Alves to beat Cote in the standup easily throughout the match but not having enough power to put him away. Therefore I see Alves winning by decision.

Currently, William Hill offers 3.75 for Thiago Alves to win by decision which I think is a good value bet and is worth 6 units (6/10). You can sign up at William Hill to make this bet by clicking on the banner below (for which you may need to disable your ad-blocker).

European Championship betting: Top goalscorer

With the leagues having finished, it is time to start the betting focus on the European Championship. I will in this post discuss the Top goalscorer market, which I believe holds two interesting betting opportunities. Both consider countries that have had some surprises in their selections. The first one is France: probably their best striker, Karim Benzema was not selected for the squad as he was involved in a scandal concerning attempted extortion of Mathieu Valbuena. This will mean that Olivier Giroud is now their first choice up front, and odds of 21 (20/1) at Betfair sportsbook make him a very interesting betting opportunity.

The second interesting case is Spain. Diego Costa was expected to be their first choice striker, but he wasn’t selected by Del Bosque. Instead, Alvaro Morata is now their expected main choice, and is able to bet on at odds of 27 (26/1) at Betfair’s betting exchange.

Both of these odds are in my opinion too high and represent value, odds of over 20 for strikers of 2 of the best teams in the European Championship hold value, and I therefore advice making the following bets on the European Championship top goalscorer market:

  • A small-to-medium bet (3/10) on Alvaro Morata top goalscorer @ 27 (26/1) on Betfair exchange.
  • A small bet (2/10) on Olivier Giroud top goalscorer (and the each way for a bet on top 4) @ 21 (20/1) with Betfair sportsbook.

Signing up with Betfair is easy and can be done by simply clicking on the image below (make sure to disable ad-blockers in order to see the banner). This will even give you 30 GBP/EUR worth of free bets!


Preview and betting tips: Stoke – Everton

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Stoke played a terrible game away at Old Trafford in their last outing. They really seemed to miss Shawcross in defence and should’ve done much better against Manchester United’s poor strikeforce. Offensively, they were not able to do much against United but United’s defense is usually pretty good so this is not a huge shame.

Everton did well and easily disposed Newcastle at home. They had a good game and won comfortably without too much trouble

Then today’s game: both teams have quite some problems in defence. Stoke will miss Cameron and Shawcross while Everton will be without John Stones and goalkeeper Howard. While Romelu Lukaku has had some problems with his back last week, he is expected to play today as Roberto Martinez has already said he is getting fit again and did well in training. On Stoke’s side, Shaqiri is also completely fit again. Under these circumstances I expect goals today and therefore recommend placing a medium sized bet (5/10) on Over 2.5 goals @ Evens (2.00) with Betfred. 

You can sign up with Betfred by clicking here.

Preview and betting tips: Aston Villa – Leicester City

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After starting out the season in spectacular fashion, Leicester seems to be losing their explosive touch over the last couple of games. The amount of goals they get is getting lower. This is reflected in the amount of shots they get on target in recent games (2 against Spurs, 2 against Bournemouth, 4 against City). This isn’t really surprising considering the fact that they were overperforming all season, I think it is simply time for them now that they drop a few places to get back to the place in the league where they would (quality wise) belong.

Villa’s main problems in my opinion are in their attack and not so much in their defence. Especially when Lescott and Richards play together they look pretty solid and are capable of not having to concede a lot of big chances. Up front, only Carles Gil looks like he could do some danger to opposition’s defence. The rest of their attacking midfielders and attackers simply just seems to be able to do real damage.

Tactically, I expect Villa to sit back and defence against Leicester, they don’t ‘need’ to win this game and therefore I don’t expect them to take risks (like against Sunderland where they then conceded 3). Personally, I think this will be a pretty boring game with a lot of midfield action and not so much chances (and therefore goals). I recommend playing a medium bet (5/10) on Under 2.5 goals @ 13/20 (1.65), offered by a lot of bookmakers currently including William Hill and Bwin.

Preview and betting tips: Manchester City – Crystal Palace

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Both teams are coming from a disappointing result. Manchester City were not able to beat Everton at home while Crystal Palace lost at Villa Park against against Villa, who are at the bottom of the table. A few things are noteworthy in these games though.

Let me start with Manchester City – Everton. City was actually the much better team in that game and should have won. They created much more chances and were quite a bit better passing than Everton. The picture below (by shows the shots of both teams in that game. As you can see, City were much more dangerous in in front of goal than Everton.


Then we move on to Crystal Palace. Palace were playing well at the start of the season and also getting results, but the last couple of games are not as good any more. Especially creating chances is slowly becoming a probelm for them. This could have to do with the absence of both Dwight Gayle and Yannick Bolasie, who are both injured. When we look at their game against Aston Villa and the shots taken (again, picture by, we see they were only able to get 3 shots in the box in the whole game against one of the poorest defences in the league, which is quite worrisome.


Important for me to consider in this game as well as that midfield magician David Silva was pretty much rested in the game against Everton (only playing 17 minutes). This means that he will be completely fresh for this game to work his magic and impose his well on the game. Manchester City are used to playing 2 games a week and Crystal Palace not so much. I don’t see City having any problems with beating Palace here and therefore recommend a medium sized bet (5/10) on Manchester City to win @ 2/5 (1.4) which is currently offered by a lot of different bookmakers. including Bwin and William Hill.

Bookmaker review: William Hill

William Hill will be the first in a series of bookmaker reviews in which I will share my experiences with bookmakers as a player. The main criteria on which I will grade bookmakers are their website, their offer and their odds. I will conclude every review with describing the type of costumer I would recommend this bookmaker to and the type of customer that would be better off looking for another bookmaker.

General information

William Hill started as a bookmaker in 1934 and is one of the UK’s biggest bookmakers when it comes to physical betting shops on street corners. It also offers the opportunity to bet by phone and most important for this review: an online bookmaker.  In the past the company has had sponsorship involvement in varvious sporting events, including horse racing, darts and football.


William Hill’s website is quite nice. It navigates quickly, they have no slowly loading components and the search function is good. Getting to the sports event you want will take you 3 clicks maximum which is great. Depositing and withdrawing your money is easy both in terms of doing it on the website and the amount of payment options they offer.

Offered sports and bets

William Hill’s offer is huge. They offer a broad range of different bets for most sports. Especially for darts the amount of bets they offer (live as well) might very well be the biggest on the market. The same goes for the bets they offer on English football (both Premier League and lower leagues). If you like betting on players to score, William Hill will be great for you as they offer all kinds of bets related to this.

A few other sports worth mentioning are basketball (mainly NBA), tennis and NFL. William Hill usually offers a lot of different bets for these sports including unique bets that no other bookmaker offers.

Other sports are covered well, but not exceptionally. They offer a pretty good amount of bets on most other sports, but where they really stand out in my opinion are the sports mentioned previously.


On big markets (for example Premier League match odds), William Hill has a pay-out percentage of around 94%, which is quite low compared to a lot of competitors. However, the odds on their other, non-match outcome bets, are quite good usually. They offer such a big amount of bets that there will always be nice odds in one of the bets they offer on the match you want to bet on. If you’re willing to take the time to search for a good value bet that is.


Overall, thanks to their huge offer, William Hill is a great bookmaker to play at. Another thing worth mentioning in my opinion is that no one I know ever had problems with them regarding pay-outs or unfair settlement of bets. They’re an honest bookmaker and that’s not something that can be said for all of them.

Overall, I would recommend William Hill if you’d like to bet on a combination of darts, NFL, NBA, tennis and English football. Especially if you want to bet on more than just the outcome of the match and like to spend time on finding that gem of a bet that will bring you profit.

If you like to bet on just the outcome of matches, or want to make accumulators of these outcomes, look further (because of the low pay-out percentage on match odds). If you’re mainly interested in less regular sports (for example motorsports, athletics or wintersports), then I’d also look for another bookmaker than William Hill.

If you have become interested in betting with William Hill, click here (you might need to disable your adblock to see the links) or on the banner below to register and get a 20 GBP freebet for a 10 GBP bet with promocode F20 or F25 to get a 25 GBP freebet for a 25 GBP placed bet.


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