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UFC Fight Night 108: Al Iaquinta vs Diego Sanchez preview and betting tips

Good old Diego Sanchez is fighting tonight against Al Iaquinta, who is coming back from a layoff of two years.

Let’s start with Diego Sanchez, who comes from a good victory over Marcin Held at altitute in Mexico where he naturally is good because of his training camp in New Mexico with Greg Jackson. Sanchez isn’t super impressive anywhere technicall, but always comes with good pressure and is a pretty versatile fighter with decent takedowns, good top control and ok boxing. His relies on volume and going forward and has won quite a few questionable decisions with that fighting style as judges apparantly like that he keeps going forward. On top of this, Sanches is extremely durable and can take a shitload of punishment. He was only ever stopped by prime BJ Penn (when BJ was a legit killer) after the doctor’s stopped for the fight and recently was TKO’d by Joe Lauzon in round 1. Now Joe Lauzon is known for his round 1 blitzes and that’s nothing to be ashamed of really.

Al Iaquinta is a pretty good modern MMA fighter who is versatile and cross-trained in all disciplines. Stylewise I think he can be compared a bit to Chris Weidman, who also trains at the the same. He has good wrestling and decent hands with improving boxing. He has knocked out a couple of opponents in his past fights but none of them were really known for having iron chins.

For this match, I think Iaquinta will want to keep it generally standing and outpick Diego Sanchez and maybe mix it up with takedowns a little bit. Sanchez will come forward like a madman and try and grind/wall and stall to a decision. I think however that Iaquinta’s takedown defence and wrestling are too good and his boxing is just too crisp for Sanchez. I don’t think Iaquinta has the power though to put Sanchez away who is extremely though.

I see huge, huge value in Al Iaquinta to win on points @ 2.5 (3/2 in fractional odds) with Betfred and recommend playing that bet 10/10 (which should be equal to ~5% of your betting bankroll). You can sign up with Betfred by clicking here and also profit from their sign up bonus (note: you might need to disable your addblocker for this).

UFC on FOX 24 betting tips: Alexander Volkov vs Roy Nelson

This is a relative close match up in my opinion between two very experienced fighters. Roy Nelson of course is a very well known name having fought in the UFC for years. He is mainly known for being extremely tough to finish and having huge power in his hands. Technically he is not superb and not extremely fast, but his warrior attitude and power (as well as his looks) make him a famous name.

Volkov is the less known fighter in this bout, having spent most of his career in Bellator and the Russian M1 promotion. Volkov is a huge heavyweight (201 cm or 6 feet 7 inches) and uses this in his advantage. He has a 20 cm advantage in height over Nelson and a 20 cm (9 inch) advantage in reach too. I think he will use this huge advantage against Nelson but not having enough power to finish Roy Nelson.

I see huge value in Volkov by decision @ 3.25 with William Hill and recommend playing a big bet (8 units) on it. You can sign up for William Hill by clicking on the banner below (for which you might need to disable your adblocker for this page).

UFC preview and betting tips: Chris Weidman vs Gegard Mousasi

An interesting match up tonight between Gegard Mousasi who is on the way up after his last matches and Chris Weidman who is on the way down after losing the middleweight title (now owned by Michael Bisping) to Luke Rockhold in 2015.

Stylewise, Weidman is a very complete fighter. He is an extremely good wrestler and a very good striker, especially tacticall. We saw this when he knocked out Anderson Silva after watching Silva’s dodges on tape and checking one of Silva’s kicks that won him the second fight between them. Weidman can be seen as a member of the new breed of mixed martial artists who are completely cross trained. His cardio however has been a bit questionable in both the fights against Yoel Romero and Luke Rockhold where he won the first rounds but was stopped later on in both.

Mousasi is more of a specialist. He has an extremely dangerous and skilled striker, having fought in professional kickboxing in Japan and even considered doing olympic boxing for the Netherlands. He is also extremely good on the ground but has one thing that we can consider to be a bit of a weakness: his takedown defence. He has been suspect to takedowns in the past and while he was never really dominated on the ground, some good wrestlers were able to take him there. On top of his skill, Mousasi is very durable and barely ever gets stopped apart from the freak TKO against Uriah Hall.

This fight can go two ways in my opinion. Either Weidman grinds out a decision thanks to his wrestling or Mousasi can get damage going on Weidman and finally stops in late in the match. Therefore I think the following two are the bets to make in this match:

1 unit (1/10) on Mousasi to win in Round 3 @ 15 (14/1) with Betfred
5 units (5/10) on Weidman to win by decision @ 3.25 with Betfred

You can make an account with Betfred by clicking here.

UFC preview and betting tips: Patrick Cote vs Thiago Alves

After a not-so-succesful fight at lightweight, Thiago Alves is back at welterweight now and will fight Canadian tough guy Patrick Cote. Iron-chinned Cote was knocked out by Donald Cerrone in his last fight after impressively knocking out Ben Saunders and Josh Burkman back to back.

Stylewise, Patrick Cote is a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none. He is a complete mixed martial artist who can do everything pretty well but excells nowhere. On top of that, he is extremely durable and can take a lot of damage. He was only ever knocked out by Anderson Silva and Donald Cerrone, who are both known to hit extremely hard.

Thiago Alves is a muay thai specialist with sub-par takedown defence that was often exposed against good wrestlers (Jon Fitch, Rick Story, Georges Saint Pierre). Stylewise, I think this match-up suits Alves very well. I don’t think Cote has the wrestling to take him down and the top control to keep him down. Standing, Thiago Alves should have a big edge on Cote. I expect Alves to beat Cote in the standup easily throughout the match but not having enough power to put him away. Therefore I see Alves winning by decision.

Currently, William Hill offers 3.75 for Thiago Alves to win by decision which I think is a good value bet and is worth 6 units (6/10). You can sign up at William Hill to make this bet by clicking on the banner below (for which you may need to disable your ad-blocker).

Preview and betting tips: Liverpool – Arsenal

Liverpool are struggling lately. The managerial change didn’t help them a lot as they are still only 8th in the league currently and are rather unimpressing when it comes to the way of play (apart from the game where they destroyed Manchester City). Arsenal are the league leaders currently and are playing well in general (although their games against Newcastle and especially Southampton didn’t look that pretty).

Liverpool currently have to cope with quite some injuries, with Coutinho, Ings, Lovren, Origi and Skrtel all out and Sakho and Touré also not being completely fit. This means that their main two centre backs will be out with injuries, and even the back-ups that will most likely play have problems too. Up front Coutinho will be a huge missing since Firmino has only had one good game so far in the Premier League, against Manchester City.

Arsenal have a lot of their main players slowly coming back into the squad from injuries and this will only strengthen them. They were in the luxury position of being able to rest Mesut Özil in the cup against Sunderland, ensuring he is fresh for this game. Özil is in absolutely phenomenal form last months, creating chance after chance for his teammates and topping the assist rankings by a nice distance.

For me, Arsenal should be clear favorites in this game given the current circumstances. I therefore recommend placing a medium-sized bet on Arsenal to win @ 31/20 (2.55) at Bet365. Should you fancy a bigger gamble, you can try Arsenal to win by at least 2 goals @ 17/4 (5.25) offered by Bwin.

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